Sunday, 17 March 2013

Steam Cream Review

Hi everyone! It's clearly been a while... long story short there were a lot of personal matters I had to deal with and I really hadn't had the opportunity or inspiration to post. But finally, here I am! Ad today I have a review of a holy grail product for you...... Steam Cream!!!

This fabulous cream is made by the same creators of Lush--the store with the beautiful soaps and body products that smell amaaaazzzinnggg. This cream uses steam instead of chemicals to blend the ingredients (in a nutshell, more details on this are posted on their website!), and so this gives the cream a different texture and feel. Apparently, you can use it on your body, knees/elbows AND your lips.... Although I'm not so sure I liked it on my lips....

What first attracted me to this was the beautiful tin. The tin is something that can be re-used so easily because of the alluring design, which is another thing Steam Cream has come to be known for--their beautiful tins. With so many designs, there's bound to be something for everyone! It's really a nice touch that you can personalize your cream, and a great way to reduce and reuse!

The cream itself has a very soft, very moisturizing texture. Unlike a lot of other creams which require repeated applications to really absorb, or ones that sit on top of your skin and feel greasy, Steam Cream absorbs quickly and leaves your skin feeling so soft. In addition, it has a light herbal, lavender scent. I loooove lavender, so this was perfect for me. But even if you don't like scents, the smell fades fairly quickly (probably within 10 minutes), so it won't bother you for very long. The price is decent, it was around $20. Not amazing, especially for its small-ish size, but it's not bad either for its  luxurious feel and scent. I definitely want to collect more of these beautiful tins in different designs....    One tin will give you 75g of product. This design is the Yoshino pattern.