Monday, 6 February 2012

J. Crew Lady Day Coat Review (in black)

 Hello, I know I've been MIA for a while! But I'm back with a review of the very popular Lady Day Coat by J. Crew!

When I first saw this on the blog, ExtraPetite, I fell in love! It looked simple and classic and gorgeous, so I ordered it online right away (and it was on sale, score!)!. And when I first took it out of its box, the fabric was nicely textured and heavy, and felt very warm! But as soon as I tried it on, my feelings quickly changed. My figure is more curvy, and I felt the coat just didn't really sit well. As you can see around the shoulders, it's fairly baggy, but fitted through the waist and hips. While the waistband detail is cute, I think this was designed to suit "chilli" body types better.

 Although, the scarf did tuck nicely into the jacket for a polished look!
 In my opinion, the coat looked better left open than buttoned up.

In the end, I returned the jacket (and had to pay some very expensive return shipping). This purchase was very disappointing, since I had been so excited for it in the first place. For me, the jacket just didn't sit well on my figure, and I didn't want to bother altering it since I have an alternative coat I'm happy with. Not to mention about this jacket--I know it's beauty is its simplicity, but it was a little 'boring'! Maybe a different colour would have made it more visually interesting!

What have your experiences been with the Lady Day coats?